Meet our teachers who bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience from their years of yoga practice!


Specializing in Aerial, Ashtanga and Fusion Yoga, Anshu felt a draw towards yoga soon after she delved completely into fitness. She then went on to complete her 200 hour teacher training in Mysore followed by a 100 hr Aerial and Yin Teacher Training in Goa. To the usually quiet Anshu, yoga and fitness speak endless words!


Divya has been drawn towards yoga and its holistic benefits from her adolescence. She has always been energetic and stress free and is a complete child at heart. She decided to do her Teacher Training with the soul purpose of passing on her energy and positivity to as many people as possible. She specializes in Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin. She believes that yoga is for everyone as it is a celebration of what our body can do and also that it is a perfect balance between the movement of the body and the stillness of the mind because well, Life Is All About This Balance!


A dedicated and dynamic teacher, Dr. Nitin is a E-RYT 500 specializing in Hatha Yoga. He has been teaching for four years and practicing yoga since the last 10 years. His passion for yoga began at a young age and he has spent several years focusing on the health and wellness benefits of yoga. He pays particular attention to the needs of every student throughout each class and gives an in-depth and clear understanding of different asanas and their benefits. He leaves all his students with a new and deep knowledge and understanding of Hatha Yoga that can benefit them and others for a lifetime!


Born in Mathura, Dr. Himanshu's persona is largely inspired by the teachings of Srimadh Bhagvad Gita. He is a qualified yoga teacher and earned his PhD (karma yoga) in yogic science. With his cheerful presence, he culminates yogic philosophy, modern anatomy and physiology into his teachings. Having conducted various programs, workshops, camps for the general public as well as being a faculty at various reputed institutions, his body of experience touches ends of spectrum of yoga for last 9 years as an academician, therapist, mentor, confidante, friend, resource person in different modalities of yoga. Himanshu has been teaching yoga to people seeking respite from highly stressed lifestyle and equipping them with socio-sciento-spiritual advancement tools.

Satya Ji

Satya Ji has studied spiritual arts meditation and philosophy and applies art meditation and martial arts wisdom in everyday action. He has a bachelor's degree in fine arts and Indian Classical Singing and has been teaching yoga philosophy and Art Meditation Therapy since the last 6 years. He conducts bhajan kirtan sessions and sound meditations and his classes are anticipated and waited eagerly for, by all his students!


As a Yoga Teacher, Kountey’s offering of yoga is enthused by an eclectic background in the movement arts (Classical – Bharatnatyam Dancer, Choreographer of Bollywood Contemporary Dance style & Rhythmic Gymnastics). He believes in harmonizing body, mind and will through a unique blend of yogic styles and allowing the spirit to play. Kountey holds a Diploma in Yoga Education from the Kavi Kulguru Kalidas University of Nagpur and became a certified yoga teacher through the Yoga Vidya Dham Center in Dombivli. Being a Choreographer, he understands his students and accordingly designs the classes with Traditional Hatha Yog incorporating Vinyasa Yog to it. Kountey believes yoga is a form of a therapy for the teacher also – “When I’m fully present and in the teaching zone, giving my students the space to practice their poses, I find myself losing track of a time and my own mental preoccupations. It’s just my students, their mats, and I, in one consistent unit.”

Fusion Yoga is a Yoga Alliance International (USA) certified Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh.