Why Fusion Yoga India

Fusion Yoga India takes yoga beyond the mat, exploring all aspects of living a life of balance and harmony.

Yoga for every body

Our programs are intended for all ages, genders, bodies, experience levels and backgrounds.

Well-Balanced curriculums

Our curriculums are rooted in ancient Yogic and Gurukula traditions—yet easily applicable to the lives of modern yogis.

Safe Environment

We care about you. Our retreat is completely safe and secure with CCTV surveillance and 24x7 security.

Experienced Teacher

We understand the importance of a teacher in a student’s life. Our team are highly educated and qualified, with decades of yoga teaching experience and learning to share.

Affordable Pricing

We want to spread the joy of yoga, so are committed to keeping our courses the most affordable on the market, while still providing a top quality yoga education

Our Vision

Fusion Yoga India holds aims for personal transformation. Our courses have been designed not only to provide students with tools to share the wisdom of yoga with others, but also to look at their own lives from a spiritual perspective. Each training holds unique aura, created from like-minded souls who join from all over the world. Our programs offer much more than just the physical aspect of yoga. We offer our students the opportunity to embark on a journey into self-inquiry. We look forward to sharing this transformative journey with you.

Yoga is a way of Life

Our school focuses on the study, exploration and cultivation of universal principles and yoga techniques within a safe environment that nurtures a healthy balance between self-enquiry and self-acceptance. Challenge yourself and immerse into a full intensive of theory classes, workshops and yoga classes crafted together to enhance your learning experience. Refine your yoga practice with effective tools directly applicable on and off the mat and cultivate a loving and intimate relation to self.


Fusion Yoga is a Yoga Alliance International (USA) certified Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh.